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Tim's Story

If you like spiritual hymns and music that talks about heaven, then Tim Steffen is your man. Each Sunday morning Tim hosts a 6-hour radio program called “Sounds of Worship” on Wellscountyvoice.com. Many in Wells County have it on from the time we wake up until the time they get out of church. It’s a blessing to hear great songs you grew up with. Log on and let Tim know via email how much you appreciate his efforts at putting together good programming.

Tim was honored for his work by Ken Gates, president of Indiana Gospel Music Association (IGMA),  in  July of 2010. After years of broadcasting on a local radio station, Tim has now brought the Sounds of Worship to the world wide web. Tim hosts the gospel music radio program, ‘Sounds of Worship’, which airs on Wellscountyvoice.com each Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

 IGMA bestowed a honorary membership to Tim Steffen in recognition and appreciation of his support and promotion for the Northeast District of the IN GMA Freedom Fest.

 In May 2010 Sarah Collins, chapter president of Indiana Gospel Music Association-Northeast chapter of Fort Wayne, organized Freedom Fest in Fort Wayne, which Steffen then promoted via his program. Collins was present at Steffen’s presentation. “Tim Steffen has done a wonderful job at providing people in the Fort Wayne area with quality programming featuring gospel music singers and groups,” said Collins. “He deserved recognition for his efforts.”

Steffen records ‘Sounds of Worship’ on Saturdays at the The Voice Enterprises Studios in Bluffton. “I record it on Saturday but go in with a Sunday mindset,” he said.

Steffen has hosted ‘Sounds of Worship’, a religious music program that features four-part harmony, on since 2004. Steffen has been a radio programmer since 1995, though his history with the radio station dates back to the 1960s..

“My dad, Leroy Steffen, used to help his friend Herman Zepps at the station,” said Steffen. “Dad was a behind-the-scenes guy and I’d watch him while he worked at the station.”  Steffen continued those visits to the station into high school when he helped air local basketball games and later continued his experiences with broadcasting as a student volunteering at Ball State University. 

Local Sporting events are now broadcasted and streamed in live video through the Voice Sports Network, including Wellscountyvoice.com

Today, Steffen works as an investment consultant in Bluffton. He says he receives much mail about the ‘Sounds of Worship’ program. “One letter stated, ‘My grandmother just passed away. As I listened to you the song ‘Beyond the Sunset’ by The Cathedral Quartet. I wept like a baby.’”

Steffen pauses. “That’s what it’s all about. If I can give someone a little something to carry with them, it’s all worth it.”